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Monday, 15 October 2012

The New IEE Code of Practice 4th edition

The IEE Code of Practice is being revised and the new version will be available in November of this year (2012). The IET has produced some advanced notes about the main changes and this can be seen here

The IET say "The main drivers for these changes have been the increased requirement for guidance from more diverse business types and a more focused approach to risk based assessing for frequency of inspections and tests."

The new edition will also address the following sectors which are not dealt with properly under the current Code of Practice.

Guidance to organisations selling used electrical goods
How to deal with equipment on long-term hire contracts
Clearer guidance on the frequency of inspection and testing

Other changes are:

Removal of non-associated tests, such as microwave leakage and manufacturers production tests
Increased and additional definition clarity
Additional equipment types
Additional information on legislation and residence types
Clearer guidance on types of residences and the requirements for landlords

This blog will publish a comprehensive update once the new code is available.

(The IEE has been re branded as the IET for some time and now the 4th edition of the code is being referred to as the IET Code of Practice.)


  1. Great I do small electrical repairs in rental properties and in the last year have tooled up for PAT testing as an added service to the business.So what does this mean for me well in a word nothing as it looks like it is as clear as mud O except for that they are now saying no need to do microwave testing but in other words you decide mmmmmmm in a word gutless but mind that will be having to contribute to their gold plated pensions for a new COP on top of the green book on top of the On site Guide on top of the GN3 that I have already had to buy . Notice a trend here yep in my view change for the sake of change with nothing definitive no wonder the electrical industry is in a mess

  2. I have to agree after watching the live conference call and looking at the new book, nothing much has changed except wording, the guy on the call was not clear like all IEE guys ain't clear, it's all about pushing the blame to someone else, they don.t want the responsibility, the hse don't want the responsibility, so what have they done put more responsibility onto the customer, speaking with a customer today he said he doesn't get paid enough for that responsibility and would rather pay a few quid to have the pat done rather than thousands of pounds to stand up in a court and explain why items have been neglected. All in all a pass the buck book I believe, no great difference to 3rd edition, just a few more quid for the IEE Christmas party I guess