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Monday, 18 February 2013

Dangerous lamp found in holiday cottage

Thanks to Jim Ransley of Cornish Quay Holidays Ltd for the information used in this post. Along with the images supplied, the e-mail from Jim says it all so I have reproduced this in whole.

Dear Seggy,

I have attached three photo's which I thought you might like for your pat testing blog? They are of a lamp that started out life as a Class 2 appliance. Then a nasty DIY repair changed it into a rather dangerous hybrid by fitting a metal lamp holder in place of the original plastic one. 

This clearly states that it must be earthed. The reason I found this item interesting was because if you test it as Class 2 on a PAT tester it will pass. There is no substitute for practical inspection and a working knowledge of safe electrical practice. Needless to say a replacement plastic bulb holder has now been fitted.

I mainly do testing in holiday cottages, so I get to see a lot of lamps!

I am a relative newbie to testing having gained my 2377 in late 2011. I have a copy of your book, "Handbook of PAT Testing" which I found to be excellent as it gave practical examples for all of the appliances I typically encounter.

I have just subscribed to your newsletter and hope the photo's will repay you a little bit for all the information you freely impart online.

Kind regards,

Jim Ransley - Director

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